“Hello, Is It Me You’re Looking For?”

I apologize for my lack of presence here, I really do. I’m going to go ahead and state the well-known excuse that bloggers use: “it’s been a hectic few weeks so I haven’t been able to write.” It really has been hectic though, I pinky promise.

My past two weeks have consisted of: cold weather; extremely beautiful weather; packaging food for Kid’s Against Hunger; students going on spring break, me still working; applying to grad schools; intensely cleaning my apartment; running; daylight savings time; meeting up and spending time with one of my best friends; relaxing; the show ‘the voice,’ and on and on and on. You think that’s a lot? Psh, that’s just a snippet, buddy!

While all of that is happening, I have noticed that new fads have been taking place around me: Kony 2012; sun bathing; more people walking around outside; high school students rampaging throughout town, foul words flowing seamlessly from their mouths (they’re also on spring break), and some sort of stomach flu. I’m sure you’re aware of at least one of those.

Due to spring break taking place this week, I have no student workers on campus for the Mailroom. Mail, however, still comes daily. This means I have to spend at least 45 minutes of my day sorting mail, including packages. When I receive packages for students, I have to record them before I put slips in mailboxes telling students that they have a package. In order to record the packages that have come in, I need to know the student’s name, box number and the date. While recording packages two days ago I had one of those “woooaaah” moments when I realized that the date was March 12th. The semester is fuh-lie-ying (that’s ‘flying’ if you’re struggling to decipher it) by. It’s March already. March 14 to be exact. In a month and a half, school will be over, for the students at least. Then they get to go home or go to camp or go overseas, wherever their plans are. Since I am no longer a student, I will not get to go home. I get to stay here, at my apartment (which is my home now, duh) and work. It’s March, April follows March (a little reminder for you there), then the end of April which is going to arrive in the blink of an eye.

(Man, I am just all about using clichés today. I apologize.)

In the next two weeks of March, while I am still at this young age and before I turn __ (ahem), I will make it a point to: spend more time outside, drink more water, not keep track of days, write at least two more blog posts, and, hmmm, eat Goldfish crackers? Sure. There you go, since I didn’t make any New Year’s resolutions, those are my resolutions for the month of March.

I wonder if mid-March is bringing you sunshine and 70-degree weather. If it isn’t, know that I am enjoying it here for you. Do not despair!

Alright, as you were.


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