10:43 p.m.

In an attempt to use up at least of half of my data plan before it resets at midnight I plan on streaming music all night tonight. It’s ridiculous that I can’t use all of my data plan before it resets. I try, don’t get me wrong, I do try but success does not come when it comes to this. Ah, first world problems. I am falling asleep to Mat Kearney’s album Young Love. If you haven’t heard this man’s voice, I assure you that you will instantly like it. From that album I recommend listening to Sooner or Later first. (I am biased though because that is probably my favorite song off of the album.) From his other albums listen to Closer to Love. Vas-y!

My toes are cold. I have this weird thing where my body will be a perfectly comfortable temperature but my toes and fingers will be frigid cold. I am currently sitting with me feet under several layers of blankets to try and reverse the effects.

We are under a winter storm watch. My phone informed me of this earlier this morning. I looked outside and saw no signs of it. Throughout the day I received several texts reminding me that a storm was coming. It is currently night-time and no sign of a storm is coming. I did check and it said it wouldn’t start till early in the morning so I will get to wake up to a lovely blanket of snow. It’s kind of exciting.


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