Two Days from Twelve

I’m usually a very private person and especially more so when it comes to matters like this but this is too wonderful to keep to myself. And it will allow you to get to know me a little better. Win-win.

In two days will be twelve months with Matt, my boyfriend. Eeeeeeep! Can you tell I’m excited? Wow. Twelve months. This time last year I was in the midst of scheming, first to fill his room full of balloons and streamers while he was out, then a birthday outing for him with five of our friends. I thought I was so clever in my plans of blind folding him and taking him to another town about 1 1/2 hours away. I came to find out later on that he already knew. So much for being sneaky. I still think it was a success though.

He asked me out on a date the day after his birthday. That was glorious and a moment that was long-awaited for by me. Want to know the wonderful part about that? In the span of one week we have Valentine’s Day, his birthday, and our anniversary. Puts pressure on me because one of my love languages is giving gifts. Needless to say it is an adventure looking for three different gifts for one week.

Matt is wonderful. Yes, every girl says that about her boyfriend so I won’t spend too much time trying to prove to you that he is amazing; just know that he is. I laugh with Matt (which is essential), I go on adventures with Matt, I spend hours talking with Matt. I absolutely love getting to know his heart. And I appreciate his advice; The man gives a lot of good advice. He’s very practical and very rational. We balance each other out because I can be sporadic in many ways.

Matt: He sent me flowers on my birthday and Valentine’s Day, he hugs my knees when we sit on the couch together. He dances along to commercials and reminds me to turn off my oven when I’m done baking. I throw my keys on the floor when I enter my apartment and then struggle to remember where they are in a rushed moment so he places them on higher locations telling me that soon it will be in a place I can’t reach. (I am 5’4.) This is an attempt to get me to find a permanent location for my keys. (So far he is up to the top of the T.V.) I hide under a blanket when I cry and he sits with patience as he tries to decipher my mumbling through tears. When we hang out with friends who have children, we banter over who the child likes the most. We banter, period. Sometimes, when in public places we play the whole, “you’re from Africa” gig where he describes things to me like I’m from the most remote place in Africa and have no concept of civilization. “This is a pen, do you have those in Africa?” “Ohhh, a pen. No, we don’t have those; we use twigs.” It’s the best. We get the strangest looks or chuckles from people. He tells me I’m overreacting when I am, I tell him he’s ridiculous when he is.

That explains 1/15th of our relationship. I’d tell you more but that would fill a large vase full of post-it notes to explain.

That’s about all I’m going to share. But know that this ridiculous man is a huge blessing in my life, one that I thank God for daily. Here I am three days past Valentine’s Day, one day from a birthday and two days from twelve months with my best friend. I look forward to this weekend and celebrating with him.


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