Pearly Whites

I am self-conscious about my teeth. Phew. There, I said it.

(When I have food stuck in my teeth and you’re around me, please, please say something to me. It might be awkward between us for a total of three seconds but think about how upset I could be with you for allowing me to talk and smile to others because you were trying to avoid mere seconds of awkwardness. Does me being upset at you make you a bit uncomfortable? Keep that in mind next time I have something in my teeth and you don’t want to tell me.)

Okay, I’m done intimidating you now.

So, teeth. I hope to be one of those people who doesn’t need dentures later on in life. The truth of it is, as self-conscious as I am about my teeth, I’m also very prideful (if that’s the appropriate word) of them. I definitely go all out when I take care of them. I was blessed with naturally straight teeth (the only one in my family) so that in itself makes me gloat. I brush, at least twice a day. And take time to brush your teeth. Sometimes when I’m in a rush I tend to brush for a total of about 15 seconds. Flossing is a must because tartar builds up on my teeth; flossing helps so much. And, I cheat. I use whitening mouth wash. That’s how my teeth stay so white. Ta-da!

These are obviously things people should be doing anyway but let me share other things I do to prevent the degradation of my teeth. I don’t drink sodas or any caffeinated beverages; anything that has the potential to stain teeth. Water is my friend (remember how much I love water? If not read it here) and is probably the only beverage that doesn’t do anything bad to your teeth; I could be wrong here though. I do drink milk and orange juice, but essentially, that’s it. I also don’t eat foods with lots of sodium. My teeth are very sensitive to salty foods. I’ll know something is way salty because my teeth start having this sticky feel to them. So no soda and limited sodium. Got it?

Those are my tips for you. Start with the letting go of soda thing, think about your teeth, people, think about your teeth! And it’s better for your health, too. Anyway, keep me updated on how you’re doing. To motivate you, here’s a picture to show proof of my diligent work. Say, “cheese!”


Disclaimer: No type of editing program was used to whiten teeth.


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