Seven Days

After a restful ten days of vacation at my parents’ house, I returned home to my apartment on Monday and jumped right back to work on Tuesday. I don’t know if overwhelming is the right word to describe that process but imagine something along those lines. You see, I was prepared to go back to work Tuesday, I had given myself a mental pep talk and I had psyched myself up for it. What came as a huge downer was when I realized Monday morning that I would work not only Tuesday to Friday but also on Saturday and Sunday. Well, why Sera? you may ask. Let me tell you: On Saturday we would be doing what is called RA Enrichment and on Sunday, students would be returning and new students would be checking in. — Okay, that was gibberish. Let me explain.

RA Enrichment is something we have with our RAs once a month. It’s a session where we spend time with RAs either walking through scenarios with them, throwing them a pizza party, etc; It’s just a time when all of the RAs from all of the residence halls come and spend time together. This month’s enrichment would take seven hours. We’d start at 2 p.m. and go all the way through 9 p.m. The purpose of this particular session would be to refresh the RAs on school policies, give them program ideas for this coming semester and teach them how to properly write an incident report. (Obviously we’ve had several problems with this.) And on Sunday we would have check-ins. Check-ins would be an all-day thing because who knows when the new students would arrive. In an ideal world, they would all be there to check-in between the hours of 9:30 a.m. and noon, the times preset for arrival on campus. But alas, this is not an ideal world and things come up, like lateness and such.

The discovery of working Saturday and Sunday put a huge damper on my mood for a bit. I didn’t mind so much the working, what I was dreading was how tired I would be. Leaving my parents’ house, I was running on a few short hours of sleep heading into the day knowing I would be driving almost four hours. Thankfully, we left around noon so driving was made easier by the mere fact that it was not night. Still difficult, but much easier. Coming back to work, I knew it would take a lot to complete all the residence life, transportation, mail and campus ministry things that needed completing before the start of classes. One of the major tasks was to prepare my presentation for RA Enrichment. To add to my dreading of tiredness was knowing that tiredness would be added on Friday because I would be driving my sister (who came to my place with me from my parents’) and friend back to the Twin Cities.

It is currently Saturday and I am internally celebrating that I survived the ridiculousness of this past week. Woo. Hoo! All that’s left is check-ins tomorrow then .. well, I go right back into a full week of work. Aie. But, this week came and went. And it’s Saturday. And I’m still awake at 11:53 p.m. I’m struggling to stay awake mind you, but I am awake.

How did you handle the first seven days of the year? Me, I dominated them. (I say not bad for the first week. Not bad at all.)
My goal is to be asleep before midnight. I think I will succeed. Goodnight.


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