In Between Christmas and New Years

I once again have the great opportunity to be home for Christmas break and with my entire family. The first few days of being home (I got here the 23rd) were awesome. As a family, we spent quite a good amount of time sitting around and talking, sharing stories about our respective colleges and laughing together. But those were the first few days. At this point we have transitioned from being strangers into being what a family is “supposed to be.” By that I mean there are points when we are irritated with each other, points when we yell at each other, and points where we are cross with each other; It’s what a family is supposed to be, right? (I’m fully aware that this might be a stereotypical statement and I should not settle for it, but for all purposes, I will stand by that statement for now.)

What do I mean by that? My sisters and I, being at our different schools, have definitely grown into our own different persons and personalities due to our surroundings at school, the people we hang out with, and the habits we’ve developed — this is expected, and very appreciated by me. However, it’s almost dangerous when we bring those personalities home. The first few days, we studied and embraced the uniqueness we each acquired but as the days progressed, our personalities began to clash, not in every way but there are definitely edges that grind against smooth points. This also is expected.

It will be interesting to see how we begin to blend and cope with each others’ psycho-ness. The following few days will definitely be a struggle at points but I fully expect those struggles. I also look forward to the laughter that entwines the arguments and sharp glances.

I’m genuinely glad to be home. The following five days will go by too quickly.


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