One of those weeks

Thank You God that it’s Friday. That is all I can say at 9:38 Friday night.

After having several easy weeks at work, this past week definitely knocked me out at the knees when I was greeted by phone calls from upset parents who had booked flight tickets in advance and were irate that the transportation offered couldn’t give them a ride on the day they request. I communicated via email with disrespectful students who literally told me, “this is what I want, give it to me. I don’t understand why you can’t get that concept.” I also felt like I was spamming because I sent a campus-wide email a day reminding students that their opportunity to request a ride would end today. Most ignored my reminder until today when I received a flood of emails with transportation requests.

As the days progressed, despite the fact that I went to bed at the time I regularly do, I would wake up more exhausted. In order to not go back to sleep this morning after my alarm rang, I had to delight myself in the fact that I would get to wear my tan colored boots for the first time this winter. Sad, I know.

This week has definitely reminded me of how I need to keep my focus. Many a times did I need to call on God to help me with patience, against temptation, for energy, for company, and each and every night as I lay down to sleep, I spent moments thanking Him for the comfortable bed that I had to sleep in, for the pillows and blankets. I thanked Him for the luxury in thermometers and how I can turn them up if I’m too cold or turn them down if I’m too warm. And what a luxury. Man, I am so blessed.

Sitting on my couch in my exhaustion, thoughts prance across my mind. I’m thinking of things I forgot to do today (knew this would happen), I’m thinking about how next week is finals week for the students then they’re outta here! I’m thinking of the one week of break I have coming up in about two weeks and how I’m looking forward to just being. I’m thinking about my boyfriend and how I want to be in his presence right now. I’m thinking about sleep.

I am so very thankful for my job and how it constantly keeps me moving and on my toes and I’m also thankful for weekends that allow me to recuperate.

I’m sleeping in tomorrow. Join me wherever you are. If you can’t, be jealous.


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