It’s That International In Me

I signed up for the month-long free trial of Netflix and my boyfriend and I are enjoying the different shows and movies this trial has to offer. I mean, who doesn’t enjoy free stuff like this? The tough choice we have to make each time we sit down together is which movie or T.V Show do we want to watch? I usually end up reading titles as he votes yes or no. It’s difficult to pick a movie or T.V show on the spot but we have taken a liking to “The Wonder Years,” a show he watched ‘back in the day’ and one I’ve never heard of before. It’s a decently funny show and Fred Savage is stinkin’ adorable.

On my own though, I peruse the genres, rating this movie and that one, waiting as Netflix decides what they’re going to suggest to me. The other day, upon their suggestion, I started watching this movie titled, “The Stoning of Soraya M.” Fact: I like to watch documentaries. If the documentaries are depicting other cultures around the world, that’s even better.

This interest started when I watched The Kite Runner a few years ago. It was very intriguing learning about a culture I was not used to. What gripped me was the concept of stoning someone. I read in the Bible about stoning people (when Jesus tells the pharisees that whoever is without sin should cast the first stone) but I am a visual learner so seeing a group of people actually throw huge stones at a woman, and the stones hitting her, and the stones killing her, opened my eyes to what stoning actually is. I probably sound like an intrigued child and you’re responding to me like, “umm, yes, people will die if you throw multiple huge stones at them” but you should go check it out. You’ll probably respond the way I did.

Anyway, the Stoning of Soraya M. Three days after starting the movie, I’m only about 20 minutes into it because I watch it when I have the time to. It is set in 1986 Iran and from what Netflix tells me, it is about a woman whose husband falsely accuses her of adultery. The first 20 minutes already intrigue me because I see a different culture dynamic. I love observing how the women act, how the men act, how people greet each other. The dialogue is different; I love hearing their accents when they speak English and how their language sounds when they speak it. Mind you, I have to read subtitles when they speak in their native language but I don’t mind. At this point, I’m ready to sign up for a class to learn the language they are speaking in the movie. The accent sounds amazing.

I think it’s that international in me. I will always be curious about other cultures, maybe because I never really got to fully know my own? I might be using that as an excuse. I am a naturally curious person so that factors in. Languages are another thing that will continually intrigue me. (If I could have one superpower it would be to speak all the languages of the world.) However, I am very picky on which cultures I learn about. Is that culturist of me?

I’m looking forward to seeing how the movie unfolds. If you have Netflix, you should start watching it. You’ll probably finish it before I do. Don’t spoil the ending for me though.


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