I’ve been surrounded by it the majority of my adult life but I have only recently begun to be consciously aware of it.


A life-changing word. A word that causes my insides to cringe. A word that arouses so much passionate dislike within me.

My great grandma died from lung cancer. My parents have done their best to keep the full story of how the cancer progressed from us so I don’t have a lot of the facts. What I do know though is that she was not a smoker, she wasn’t exposed to radon or surrounded by heavy metals, you know, any of those things that are common causes of lung cancer.

My grandpa died from cancer of the spine. This one was a shock, at least to me, because it was less than a month after I found out he had cancer that he died. Obviously my parents knew before they let us know but regardless, it was all too quick. I do know that my grandpa was in severe amounts of pain the week before he died. Due to the pain, he did not eat, he did not drink very much water and weighed about 100 lbs when he died. It was strange thinking that the head of a branch of the military in Madagascar was defeated by a disease. They say this cancer might be hereditary which keeps me on my toes because my dad, his sister and I have been prone to back problems all of our lives.

My boyfriend’s mom was once again diagnosed with Colon Cancer this past month. She overcame the disease in 2007 and it went into remission until recently. This is probably the closest I’ve come to experiencing cancer; it is shocking and painful all at the same time. My grandpa and great grandma might have been related by blood but they are countries away, no where near me; I barely knew them. My boyfriend’s mom though, I interact with her, I spend time with her. It’s strange thinking she has cancer within her.

I received a text last night from one of my good friends saying that her grandpa was going into surgery because they found a tumor in his lung.

A few of the people I follow on Twitter tweeted last night (yes, I’m on Twitter, follow me: mami_sera) that there are new findings that such and such foods cause cancer. For example, Fox News claimed that McDonald’s beef is only 15% beef and the 85% contains ammonia which causes Colon Cancer. Oh my word.

My friend Renae says that she thinks that those in our generation will all be diagnosed with some kind of cancer by the time we’re 50. I’m terrified to say that I agree with her.


I am definitely more aware of it and the effects more than saddens me, especially seeing it affecting people I love.

But what are we to do with it? Raise awareness, definitely. That’s a big step. Donate money,  please do it. The more money that’s given, the more research they could do. Cancer is not a joke. Most people don’t think it is but I don’t think people are aware (or maybe some are) of the things they are not doing to prevent it. Or maybe it’s like old age and you can’t prevent it.

I’m not sure how to end this post. I am hopeful, don’t get me wrong, I have so much hope in the fact that God is bigger than cancer, that He is the ultimate healer, and for that I am thankful. Hope is a great thing. So is prayer. So I pray. Sometimes I wish that besides making people aware and donating money, there was more I could do.


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