Here we go.

My name is Mamisoa Séraphine Ranaivoson. Yes, my name is comprised of all three of those words; Good luck pronouncing it correctly. If you don’t, don’t feel bad. I’m not even mad about it. For the sake of convenience, I’m referred to as Séra, pronounced just like, “Sarah.” Feel free to call me that.

I graduated from Waldorf College with a degree in communications, emphasis in public relations. I currently work at my alma mater as an Area Coordinator and the Student Life Specialist. As an Area Coordinator, I am in charge of three residence halls and five theme houses, interacting with the students who live those buildings to build community, educate them by hosting different programs and create an atmosphere where they can feel at home. As the Student Life Specialist, I am the Director of the Student Transportation Program, I work with Campus Ministry and with the Student Mail Center. All of these details of my jobs allow me to exercise my public relations skills.

There are times when my job calls me to work 18-hour days but the rest of that time, music, learning (about anything and everything) and tennis occupy me.


Please visit regularly because it will keep me accountable, ensuring I post regularaly.


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